You are an airline providing in-flight connectivity to your passengers?
We enhance in-flight experience

SKYdeals reinvents inflight retail thanks to wifi connectivity.
We rely on two major innovations:

  • The first in-flight marketplace
    Our marketplace is dedicated to passengers on-board an airline providing internet access.
    It allows brands, service providers and travel retailers to lively promote preferred offers to passengers. These offers are only available during flight duration.
  • In-flight Shoppertainment offers
    Our features help create an exclusive and entertaining in-flight shopping experience. They leverage the route, the plane localization and social behaviors such as group buying or limited time offers. 
A new inflight shopping technology

Major benefits for airlines

Enhanced passenger's experience

Entertain your passengers during their time on-board

Additional revenues from your in-flight connectivity service

Generate additional profits via our profit sharing model

Enriched passengers data

Get to know your passengers better, having access to their shopping behaviors

How it works

SKYdeals is a website, designed for a multi devices usage.

Passengers can have a free access to SKYdeals via your in-flight connectivity portal.

Once connected, they discover a selection of preferred offers, from brands, airport retailers or service providers. These offers are specific to the route they are currently flying on.

Deploy SKYdeals on-board your wi-fi connected fleet in 4-6 weeks

Our dedicated deployment team will support you through each step of the process: 

  • Determine the eligible routes for SKYdeals
  • White-list our URL onboard
  • Update connectivity portal (e.g., banner ad, route information synchronization)
  • Plan passenger information activities (e.g., on-board announcements, flyers)

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You're probably wondering...

Our business model is based on revenue sharing with airlines.
SKYdeals takes 20% commission on all the sales and share 50% of its revenues with airlines.

When a passenger orders on SKYdeals, multiple options are available: 

  1. Postal mode: Brands are in charge of the delivery.
  2. Airport Click and Collect: Our team is in charge of the pick up and the delivery at the gate or in a specific point of collect.
  3. Vouchers or coupons: Service providers offer download of the voucher after payment validation.

Eventhought we are a young company, we already have agreements with +70 brands. We can promote +250 deals/day to your passengers. As the full list of our brands and services partners grows every day, drop us an email for the latest update:
If you are willing to work with a specific brand, product or service provider, we’ll be happy to integrate it in our offering.

SKYdeals has been designed for a low bandwith environment. Also, our platform can be cached onboard. This makes the experience fully optimized even with a low bandwidth connectivity.

SKYdeals can be easily deployed onboard, we only need to be whitelisted and promoted on your connectivity portal.
There are no set up fees for setting up SKYdeals in its default version.
However, in some cases, technological ajustments are asked by airlines. These ajustments might be billed.

SKYdeals is available on any connected devices (Mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers) and will soon be available on some connected IFE screens.
Do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll tell you about our roadmap.