Brand, service or airport retailer?
We give you access to + 4 billion extra consumers a year.

We have designed a marketplace dedicated to in-flight shoppertainment 

  • Offers are only available during flight duration.
  • Orders can be shipped home, picked-up at arrival gate or issued on mobile.
  • A very easy onboarding with API or a manual integration managed by a dedicated SKYdeals team.
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SKYdeals is the ideal platform to:

Test new product lines

targeting key consumer profiles (e.g., travel class, route, airline, travel group composition).

Offer clearance sales

without creating conflict within your traditional distribution channels.

Target special deals

based on route, time clock, plane GPS location or arrival destination of the passenger.

Improve your brand image

by joining the first in-flight shoppertainment service!

Onboarding sKYdeals

Selling on SKYdeals is easy for any brand,  travel retailer or  service provider.

Our marketplace gives access to a unique inflight audience, promoting your offers to passengers.

SKYdeals is available for multiple type of vendors:

  • Brands with their own B2C logistic platform.
  • Travel retailers or shops in Airports.
  • Destination service providers.

2 weeks to become a vendor on SKYdeals

Our dedicated catalog managers support you along the on-boarding process:

  • You select the product or service preferred offers, per route.
  • We integrate the product or service data flow (e.g., APIs, flat file).
  • We setup the brand corner, based on your existing visual guidelines and asset.

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You're probably wondering...

SKYdeals handles the level 1 customer service.
So basically, we are the ones to get the incoming calls, and if we really need you, we call you for help.

SKYdeals is a young and innovative company, we already have some agreements with more than 70 brands, allowing us to promote more than 250 deals a day to passengers.
The full list of our brands and services partners is growing every day, and is available by mail, just ask by sending an email to:
At SKYdeals we are constantly looking for brands or retailors willing to innovate with us and test new type of offers both attractive and entertaining for passengers.

For the moment, we do not apply any listing fees to onboard SKYdeals.
We only take a 20% commission on the sales.
This commission is 50% shared with airlines.