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The SKYdeals platform leverages cutting-edge technology to create an innovative in-flight marketplace


Sky-High Shopping Goes Digital: The Perks of a Web-Based Platform

At SKYdeals, we've embraced a web-based platform for our Inflight Shoppertainment, bringing a world of benefits for airlines and passengers alike.

With no need for onboard installation, integration is seamless and cost-effective. Updates are quick and easy, ensuring the platform stays current and competitive.
Our web-based solution allows us to continuously innovate and launch new Inflight Shoppertainment features like Flying Auctions and Flash Sales, requiring real-time updates for an engaging experience. Plus, we can regularly roll out exciting promotions and events, keeping the in-flight shopping experience fresh and captivating.



SKYdeals is built on a headless e-commerce architecture, which provides greater flexibility and scalability. This allows the platform to easily connect with various external solutions, such as loyalty programs, payment gateways, chauffeur reservation services, or brand inventory systems.


The platform’s API-driven architecture enables seamless integration with various airline systems, including in-flight entertainment systems, connectivity providers, and more. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free onboarding process for airlines.

SKYdeals runs on Vendure, a high-performance Node.js-based e-commerce server, for its backend. This ensures speedy and efficient performance, essential for delivering an exceptional in-flight shopping experience.​

The platform’s frontend utilizes Nuxt.js, a popular Vue.js framework, and Vue Storefront, offering a highly performant and user-friendly interface. This ensures optimal user experience, especially in environments with slow internet connections, such as on board airplanes.

Record-fast deployment: 3-5 weeks for airlines

  1. Whitelisting SKYdeals URLs
    Request the airline’s internet service provider to whitelist SKYdeals URLs, granting free access to passengers onboard the aircraft.
  2. Customizing the SKYdeals Frontend
    Adapt the SKYdeals frontend to meet the airline’s requirements, such as incorporating their branding, design elements, and other visual preferences.
  3. Integration with Airline Connectivity Portal
    Integrate SKYdeals promotion within the airline’s connectivity portal, making it easily accessible and visible to passengers.
  4. Preparing Promotional Materials
    Prepare various promotional materials to highlight the SKYdeals platform, such as in-flight entertainment (IFE) advertisements, crew member announcements, email campaigns, and printed flyers.
  5. Optional Integration with Airline Systems
    If desired, additional developments can be undertaken to integrate SKYdeals with the airline’s loyalty program or in-flight entertainment system, further enhancing the passenger experience and encouraging engagement with the platform.

Easy Onboarding for vendors

  1. Product Information Sharing
    The vendor provides product information for a selection of items, either in the form of a flat file (CSV or similar) or through an API.
  2. Creation of Brand Corner on SKYdeals
    Based on the graphical elements provided by the vendor, SKYdeals creates a dedicated brand corner showcasing the vendor’s products.
  3. Optional API Integration for Order Processing
    If desired, API integration can be set up with the vendor’s system to push passenger orders directly to their back office. Alternatively, order information can be shared via email or flat files.


At SKYdeals, we prioritize security and reliability, ensuring our partners, airlines, vendors, and customers enjoy a seamless in-flight shopping experience. Our commitment is reflected in these aspects:
• Data Protection: We comply with global regulations like GDPR and employ robust encryption techniques to safeguard user data. • Secure Payments: Our payment gateway uses advanced encryption and adheres to PCI-DSS standards for safe transactions.
• Reliable Infrastructure: Built on scalable infrastructure, our platform ensures high availability and optimal performance.
• Monitoring & Updates: Our team performs regular security audits, updates, and system maintenance to maintain the highest security standards.
• Disaster Recovery: We've implemented plans to minimize risk and recover quickly from unexpected incidents, ensuring uninterrupted service.

By emphasizing security and reliability, SKYdeals aims to earn trust while delivering an exceptional in-flight shopping experience.

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The Top 10 Questions You're Probably Asking About our technology

SKYdeals uses a combination of cutting-edge web technologies and robust back-end infrastructure to deliver a seamless, engaging, and interactive in-flight shopping experience.

SKYdeals is designed to work seamlessly with your existing IFE and Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable user experience for your passengers.

Yes, SKYdeals is designed to be compatible with a range of in-flight connectivity providers, offering flexibility in terms of integration and implementation.

A web-based platform like SKYdeals enables real-time updates, faster implementation of new features, and easier maintenance compared to onboard solutions, ultimately providing a more dynamic and engaging experience for passengers.

SKYdeals is built on a scalable and resilient infrastructure, utilizing modern technologies and best practices in software development to ensure high availability, optimal performance, and an uninterrupted experience for passengers.

Absolutely! SKYdeals can be tailored to align with your airline’s branding, colors, and identity, creating a cohesive and consistent experience for your passengers.

Yes, SKYdeals can be made available in multiple languages, ensuring a user-friendly and inclusive experience for passengers from different linguistic backgrounds.

Yes, SKYdeals can be integrated with your airline’s loyalty program or CRM system, allowing you to leverage passenger data for personalized offers and marketing campaigns.

SKYdeals uses advanced encryption methods and complies with industry security standards such as PCI-DSS. Secure data storage and transmission protocols are in place to protect user data and ensure secure payment processing.

SKYdeals prioritizes security and privacy for in-flight passengers by employing industry-standard encryption, secure payment processing, and adhering to data protection regulations.

SKYdeals provides comprehensive performance reports and analytics to partner airlines, enabling you to monitor and optimize the platform’s performance, track sales and revenue generation, and gain insights into passenger behavior and preferences.