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SKYdeals inflight digital marketplace for airlines


a Revolutionary Platform Designed To Enhance Your Passengers’ Experience And Boost Ancillary Revenues

Boost Your Profits With SKYdeals​

SKYdeals empowers airlines to increase revenue by providing a captivating in-flight shopping experience, complete with personalized offers and exclusive promotions. This heightened engagement leads to more impulse purchases, raising the average revenue per passenger and improving the airline's bottom line.

the Benefits of SKYdeals for Airlines

Choose SKYdeals in-flight marketplace for Airlines and transform your in-flight retail experience into a powerful revenue-generating tool while keeping your passengers entertained and satisfied throughout their journey.

Enhance your passenger experience

With SKYdeals, you can offer your passengers an engaging and entertaining shopping experience during their flight, turning idle time into a fun and interactive activity.

Increase Ancillary Revenues

By providing unique and tailored offers, SKYdeals can help you generate higher conversion rates and boost your ancillary revenues, supporting your airline’s growth.

Innovate with Inflight Shoppertainment

Our cutting-edge platform combines shopping and entertainment, creating a unique in-flight retail experience that keeps passengers engaged and entertained throughout their journey.

Simplify In-Flight Retail with Hassle-Free Inventory and Logistics Management

SKYdeals simplifies in-flight retail. Our platform eliminates product storage and streamlines logistics, making shopping easy and seamless for passengers.

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Existing Systems

SKYdeals is designed for seamless integration with your existing in-flight systems, making it easy for your airline to adopt the platform without extensive technical modifications.

Get Real-Time Analytics and Insights

Our platform provides valuable data and insights on passenger behavior and shopping preferences, helping you optimize your marketing strategies and target the right audience effectively.

Let SKYdeals Handle Brand and Retailer Contracts for You

SKYdeals handles brand and retailer contracts, so you can focus on keeping passenger service exceptional.

Customize and Tailor to Meet Your Airline's Needs

SKYdeals can be tailored to meet your airline’s specific needs and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit with your brand and business objectives.

Go Green with SKYdeals' Eco-Friendly Solution for In-Flight Retail

By going digital with SKYdeals, you’ll reduce your airline’s paper waste and contribute to a more sustainable future for the aviation industry.

Elevate In-Flight Entertainment with SKYdeals

SKYdeals enhances passengers’ journeys with an engaging in-flight shopping experience, turning retail into entertainment beyond traditional offerings.

  • Shoppertainment: By combining shopping with entertainment, we create a unique experience that keeps passengers entertained while also encouraging them to explore and purchase from our diverse range of products and services.
  • Personalized offers: Our advanced algorithms analyze passenger preferences and behavior to deliver tailored recommendations, ensuring that each passenger finds items that truly appeal to them.
  • Interactive experience: Through our user-friendly interface, passengers can engage with the platform, participate in exclusive promotions, and even provide feedback on their purchases, all while staying connected in the air.
  • Quality content: We work with renowned brands and service providers to offer passengers an extensive selection of high-quality products, covering various categories such as fashion, electronics, beauty, and more.

By choosing SKYdeals for Airlines, you can elevate your passengers’ in-flight experience, turning their travel time into an enjoyable and memorable shopping adventure.

Merge SKYdeals with Your In-flight Services

SKYdeals ensures easy integration with existing IFE and Wi-Fi systems, providing a consistent, enjoyable passenger experience.

  • Compatibility: SKYdeals is compatible with a wide range of IFE systems and connectivity providers. Our platform is designed to adapt to your airline’s specific technological requirements.
  • Customization: We work closely with your team to tailor the look and feel of the SKYdeals platform to match your airline’s branding, creating a unified and recognizable experience for your passengers.
  • Ease of implementation: Our technical team collaborates with your airline’s IT department to ensure a smooth and efficient integration process. We provide continuous support during and after the integration to guarantee optimal performance and functionality.
  • Real-time updates: SKYdeals enables live updates, allowing us adjust offers and promotions in real-time to maximize sales and passenger engagement.
  • Data insights: Our platform provides valuable data analytics to help your airline monitor and optimize the performance of the SKYdeals marketplace. This enables you to make informed decisions for future strategies and improvements.

By choosing SKYdeals, you can rest assured that integrating our platform with your in-flight services will be a seamless and straightforward process, enhancing the overall passenger experience and boosting ancillary revenues.

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The Top 10 Questions You're Probably Asking About Skydeals for Airlines

Skydeals is a multi-device compatible website that passengers can access for free via your airline’s in-flight connectivity portal. Once connected, passengers can browse a selection of preferred offers from various brands, airport retailers, and service providers. These offers are specific to the route the passengers are currently flying on.

The commission paid to the airline is a percentage of the sale, which is determined and agreed upon between Skydeals and the airline before the project launch. Factors such as the number of connected passengers and aircraft, the visibility provided to Skydeals onboard, and other considerations influence the commission rate.

Integrating Skydeals with your airline’s in-flight connectivity system typically involves whitelisting Skydeals’ URLs, customizing the platform to match your airline’s branding, and promoting Skydeals on your in-flight portal. The entire process usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks.

Yes, Skydeals supports multiple payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and various digital wallets.

Yes, Skydeals can be customized to support multiple languages to cater to the diverse needs of your passengers.

Absolutely! Skydeals can be customized to match your airline’s branding, including colors, logos, and overall design elements.

Skydeals partners only with reputable brands and vendors, ensuring that all products and services offered on the platform are of high quality and authenticity.

Skydeals follows strict data privacy regulations and best practices to ensure the protection and privacy of passenger data.

Skydeals operates on a dropshipping model, with vendors directly shipping the purchased products to the passengers’ desired destinations.

Yes, Skydeals can be integrated with your airline’s loyalty program to offer passengers a seamless and rewarding shopping experience.

The Skydeals catalog is constantly updated to provide passengers with a fresh and engaging shopping experience.

Skydeals is designed to work efficiently even on slower in-flight internet connections, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for passengers.