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Discover the exciting world of Inflight Shoppertainment, where retail meets entertainment at 35,000 feet

Why in-flight shoppertainment matters

SKYdeals turned in-flight retail upside down with Inflight Shoppertainment, injecting fun and excitement where traditional duty-free shopping fell flat. We aimed for a lively, interactive platform that grabs passengers' attention, sparks impulse purchases, and ramps up revenue for brands and airlines. Inflight Shoppertainment shakes up in-flight shopping, captivating a wider audience. Passengers are treated to an entertaining experience, while brands and vendors seize a fantastic opportunity to showcase products, skyrocket sales, and amp up their brand image.

OUR essential

FlyOver Deals

Uncover exciting, location-based offers tailored to your journey, turning in-flight shopping into a delightful discovery.

Flash sales

Seize limited-time deals that create a sense of urgency, making shopping an adrenaline-filled experience in the sky.

Group Buying

Connect with fellow passengers to unlock unbeatable group discounts, fostering new friendships while you save.

Flying Auction

Join the thrilling bidding wars for coveted items, transforming your in-flight shopping into an exhilarating competition.

Discover how SKYdeals revolutionized in-flight shopping by creating an immersive and engaging experience with Inflight Shoppertainment, taking retail to new heights!


I never thought in-flight shopping could be this fun until I tried the FlyOver feature on SKYdeals! It was like a virtual tour of the countries we were flying over, and I got to bring home some amazing local finds. It turned my long-haul flight into an exciting shopping spree in the sky. I’m officially a fan!


Sergio M


I was pleasantly surprised by how social and interactive the Group Buying option on SKYdeals was during my recent flight. I joined a group for a fantastic deal, and it sparked some great conversations with other passengers. We shared our travel stories and even exchanged contact info to stay in touch. Who knew in-flight shopping could be so friendly and engaging? Kudos, SKYdeals!


Emilie S


I tried the Flash Sale feature on SKYdeals during my last flight, and oh boy, did it make time fly! I got so caught up in scoring amazing deals that I hardly noticed the hours slipping by. Before I knew it, we were landing! It was such a fun and engaging way to pass the time. I can’t wait for my next flight to snag more great deals!


Chloe P


Unleash the future of in-flight shopping!

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