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Expand Your Brand's Reach, Engage with Passengers, and Accelerate Your Sales Performance

Boost sales, enhance brand image with in-flight shoppertainment via SKYdeal

Engage captive audience with limited options.
Create memorable, exclusive experiences.
Foster positive brand association for long-term benefits.
Reach new customers in diverse in-flight marketplace.
Elevate your brand with SKYdeals.

The Benefits of SKYdeals In-Flight Marketplace for Brands and Vendors

By partnering with SKYdeals in-flight marketplace, you can unlock a world of opportunities for your brand or business, tapping into the lucrative and growing market of in-flight retail. Join us and elevate your sales to new heights!

Reduce Costs

Digital in-flight retail with SKYdeals reduces inventory costs for brands and delivers unique customer experiences.

Boost Sales with Dynamic Pricing and Promotions

Create tailored promotions and dynamic pricing with SKYdeals to increase conversions and boost sales.

Target your Ideal Customers

Target your ideal customers with SKYdeals by utilizing passenger data for effective marketing campaigns.

Increase Brand Awareness

Reach millions of global air travelers and showcase your brand's products and services with SKYdeals.

Seamlessly Integrate with your systems

SKYdeals seamlessly integrates with your e-commerce systems, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

Stay Ahead with Continuous Innovation

SKYdeals invests in innovation for passenger shopping, keeping your brand ahead in the in-flight market.

Get Expert Support for In-Flight Retail Success

Expert support for your in-flight retail success: our dedicated team provides ongoing guidance and maximizes brand potential.

Enhance your Customer Satisfaction

Join SKYdeals in-flight marketplace for an engaging shopping experience that boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Optimize Your Strategy with Analytics and Insights

Access valuable customer data and insights to optimize marketing strategies and improve product offerings.

Dropshipping Made Easy with SKYdeals for Brands

SKYdeals offers a streamlined dropshipping model for brands to effortlessly sell products in the in-flight marketplace. Here’s how it works:

  1. Product Selection and Listing: Provide your best-selling products, and we’ll create an attractive storefront on our platform.
  2. Order Placement and Processing: Passenger orders are forwarded to you for fulfillment, with all necessary details included.
  3. Order Fulfillment and Shipping: You pack and ship the products, while we provide shipping labels and customs documentation.
  4. Payment and Commission: We handle payment processing and collect a commission, regularly sharing your revenue.
  5. Customer Support and Returns: We manage customer support and coordinate returns/refunds with you for a hassle-free process.
  6. Real-Time Analytics and Insights: Access data about your in-flight sales performance to optimize strategies and maximize revenue.

Joining SKYdeals in-flight marketplace with our dropshipping model is an excellent opportunity for brands seeking growth in the unique in-flight retail market. Elevate your brand and reach new heights with SKYdeals.

Commission and Pricing for Brands and Vendors

SKYdeals operates on a commission-based pricing model, shared with airlines, and offers media packages to increase brand visibility. Participate in special offers like FlyOver deals, group buying, or flying auctions for enhanced sales and engagement. Contact our team for pricing details and customized quotes. Partner with SKYdeals to expand your in-flight retail reach.

Discover how SKYdeals revolutionized in-flight shopping by creating an immersive and engaging experience with Inflight Shoppertainment, taking retail to new heights!

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Unleash the future of in-flight shopping!

Get in touch to unlock the potential of in-flight shoppertainment for your brand

The Top 10 Questions You're Probably Asking About Skydeals for Brands and Vendors

SKYdeals is an innovative digital marketplace tailored for connected passengers on board flights. It enables brands and vendors to showcase and sell their products to airline passengers, providing a unique shopping experience while maximizing revenue opportunities.

SKYdeals partners with brands and vendors by offering a platform to sell products on a commission basis, specifically targeting passengers connected to in-flight internet. The platform enables easy integration, product promotion, and management of sales and inventory.

While discounts can be a powerful trigger for purchase in the in-flight retail environment, brands are not strictly required to apply them on SKYdeals. We encourage and support other forms of attractive deals for connected passengers, such as exclusive products, gifts with purchase, VIP invitations, and more. Ultimately, it’s up to the brand to choose the best approach to boost sales and engage passengers on board.

SKYdeals supports a wide range of products suitable for in-flight passengers, including fashion, accessories, beauty products, gadgets, travel essentials, and more. The platform aims to offer passengers a diverse and engaging shopping experience while on board.

SKYdeals operates on a dropshipping model for the connected in-flight retail space, meaning that brands and vendors are responsible for handling their own inventory and shipping. This allows for a streamlined process and minimal overhead costs.

SKYdeals charges a commission on the total sale amount made through the in-flight marketplace, which is then shared with the airline. Brands and vendors can also opt for additional media exposure or participate in special offers such as FlyOver deals, group buying, or flying auctions at specific rates.

SKYdeals offers various promotional opportunities targeting in-flight passengers, including featured product placements, banner advertisements, and participation in special deals or events to increase brand visibility and sales.

To get started, simply contact the SKYdeals team to discuss partnership opportunities, pricing, and integration requirements for your brand in the connected in-flight retail environment.

SKYdeals prioritizes security and privacy for in-flight passengers by employing industry-standard encryption, secure payment processing, and adhering to data protection regulations.

Yes, SKYdeals allows brands and vendors to customize their storefront with their own branding and visual elements to create a unique and immersive shopping experience for connected passengers on board.

SKYdeals offers flexible integration options to connect with various e-commerce platforms and inventory management systems, making it easy to manage your products and sales across different channels, including the in-flight retail space.

Skydeals is designed to work efficiently even on slower in-flight internet connections, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for passengers.